Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Favorites Cookbook

This post is merely a recommendation that you check out this cookbook. Not only is it one of my family's favorites (my mom has one and I have finally tracked it down so I can buy it for myself) and so cute you can decorate with it, it also supports the Utah chapter of "Make A Wish Foundation". You can get it at the Make A Wish offices or call in your order.

Here is the link for more info. I will be picking mine up later this week, and I'd be happy to be a runner for any of you that live close by or let you come check it out before you buy it!

Anyone else have favorite cook books they can't live without?

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Hillary said...

I love cookbooks! A few of my favorites are the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook, the Lion House cookbooks, and the Goodness Gracious cookbook. I also give them away as bridal shower gifts along with the ingredients for one of their recipes (like a pan, no-stick spray, and dry ingredients for brownies).